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Thank you for your support. 

We are thrilled for the growth that 2022 will bring to 406Acres!

We are currently accepting applications for our new adoption process.  

You can read about our adoption process on our FAQs page.

You can also click here to view the puppies we have available!

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Age Range
Have you owned a dog before?
Have you ever had to give up a dog or re-home it?
Will your puppy have it's own Facebook or Instgram?
Are their children in your home?
Is eveyone in your home on board with a puppy?
Are you financially stable enough to handle the added monthly expenses of a puppy/dog? (puppy /dog trainer, vet, food toys, grooming, pet sitting?
Will someone be home with the puppy during the day
Size Preference

Please know that we are working with Mother Nature here.  So while we have plans for LOTS of upcoming litters, we can not guarantee anything (timing, coats, colors etc).  We here at 406Acres do all we can to get you, your perfect healthy puppy.

Next step is for us to talk on the phone and get you an approved application.  I will be calling all new applicants during the weekdays.  Please watch for a 406 number :) You are also welcome to give us a call!  406-580-8977

Talk Soon!

Tori Anderson-Owner

and the rest of the crew at 406!

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