DURA (Merlot)

SMITH (Champagne)

LARSEN (Hazel)

HANSEN (Andre)

DICKINSON (Chantilly)


We NEVER want a family feeling like they got the left-over puppies. There is NO SUCH THING in our home as a LEFT-OVER puppy. All of these puppies are beautiful and just a bundle of love. All of these puppies will have an opinion of you as well as I’m sure you will of them too. 

If a pup from the litter is not listed below it is being evaluated as a potential breeding dog.

Miss Chantilly - 6.9 lbs estimated adult weight 23 to 25 lbs

gentle and mild mannered, her quiet and calm disposition will tolerate just about anything. She sports a very affectionate personality who enjoys lap time and cuddles.   She loves to be close by and very observant. She will magically melt your heart with one look.  This girl would make an amazing service/emotional support dog. Her sweet soft nature and playful disposition will melt your heart.

Miss Hazel - 4.6 lbs estimated adult weight 21 to 23 lbs

has it all…great looks and great personality to go with it. She is playful, adventurous, confident and observant.  She is a very happy go lucky pup.  She sports a medium to lower energy level. Would make a great service/emotional support dog. Her sweet and playful disposition will warm your heart.

Miss Cabernet - 4.5 lbs estimated adult weight 18 to 20 lbs

is the tiniest in this litter…don’t let her size fool you she is determined, yet holds her own. She sports a quiet and calm demeanor with a splash of playfulness. You can snuggle on this little one and her affectionate side will eat it up. This girl is a very happy go lucky pup that will tolerate just about anything.  She would make a great emotional support dog.

Miss Champagne - 5.3 lbs estimated adult weight 22 to 24 lbs

This little girl is determined to steal everyones heart…she is simply precious! Confident and playful. She is engaging with a medium energy level, very observant. She loves to give puppy kisses and snuggles.  Love me, hug me and play with me is her moto.  Her sweet disposition will steal your heart for sure.

Miss Merlot - 5.1 lbs  estimated adult weight 20 to 22 lbs

Look at those red curls...just like her Daddy. She is our little thinker!  Very observant, she loves to sit back and watch things play out before reacting. She sports a sweet and submissive disposition that will steal your heart.  Low to medium energy level.


Mr Andre - 6.5 lbs estimated adult weight 24 to 26 lbs

Gentle and mild mannered!  This handsome fella is confident and observant with a sweet and friendly disposition that will warm your heart. Medium to lower energy level. There is not much going to get this little guy overly excited, he will tolerate just about anything. He would make a great service/emotional support dog, his quiet and calm disposition will tolerate just about anything.  

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