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Frequently Asked Questions


Why don't you have a standard waiting list? 
After 10 years of managing a waiting list we have decided to venture out and do it differently. We feel it is better for the family adopting, and for us! With this process you are not putting several deposits in with numerous breeders in hopes of getting a puppy of you dreams. And possibly waiting years for that opportunity. And we are able to spend all those hours with our puppies and dogs instead of managing the waiting list.
-We do NOT take a deposit.
-We do NOT have a waiting list. 
When you and your family are ready for your puppy you can start following our breeding plans and updates. Then follow the steps listed to the right.

NO one will get to adopt a puppy without an approved application!

Is this process stressful?
While all adoptions can feel a bit overwhelming or stressful it is also a very exciting time! And in all the years of doing this I have never had anyone say I wish I would have chosen a different puppy! It always seems to work out as it should! So have fun with it and don't stress!

What are my payment options?

Square Business excepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex, & Discover in debt or credit. The credit card fee is payed by us.

*Before you purchase we recommend notifying your credit card company or bank in case they flag it as a fraudulent purchase. Let your bank or credit card company know you will be making this purchase from 406 Acres LLC. This will eliminate any stress upon adoption day!

At what age do the puppies go up for adoption?
Between 5 and 6 weeks old. At this age we have a good sense of coat, personalities, size & confirmation. Once a litter is born the adoption day and go home date will be listed.

Click here to view all the current puppies at 406!

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