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What We Feed

Our puppies have food and water available to them throughout the day. We understand free feed is not the answer for everyone.  As you begin the process of potty training, we suggest putting your puppy on 3 meals a day for the first 4 months and then going to 2 meals a day.They tend to be finicky eaters so you want to ensure they are eating.  Mixing the NuVet powder with their food tends to provide a little encouragement to eat their kibble.  This is what your puppy is used to.


During potty training we suggest to remove the food and water at about 7 pm in the evening to help with accidents unless your are a night owl or the kids have playing with the pup and he needs a drink. Always make the last chore of the evening a bathroom call.

We send all of our new puppies home with a small bag of food that will last for a week or better, if you decide to use a different food, use the food that they are used to and gradually mix the 2 foods to make the switch.  


When you receive your puppy, he or she is used to hard food, so no need to mix anything with it unless you want to add NuVet Plus in the powder form.


We feed Purina Pro Plan, Lamb and Rice Puppy Food for the first 3 months.

If you haven’t ordered your NuVet vitamins…we suggest you bridge the immunity gap with NuVet Plus. Your pups have been on Nu-Vet vitamins since they were 4 weeks old because they deserve the best start in life. If you are wanting your pup to remain on vitamins we suggest to order them in advance.  Remember your pup goes home with a clicker for clicker training...order the tabs and break them into small pieces they work great for training. 

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