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Guardianship is decided on case by case. It involves trust and a close relationship.

Guardian Homes are a great opportunity for the right family. Being a guardian home for a dog can be an excellent way to have a top quality dog for a family pet without all the expense. 


We believe every dog deserves a loving forever home that they can call their own.  Our guardian homes help us in continuing to breed these amazing dogs. While we retain breeding rights, the guardian provides the care, attention and lifetime love our dogs deserve. We ask that you consider your commitment as a guardian home very carefully, and make sure you have the time to train, socialize and give companionship to a young pup. A puppy or dog should be a commitment for life.

We here at LABRADOODLES of MONTANA simply retain breeding rights. Dogs may or may not be used depending on the needs of our breeding program. We pay for all the reproductive testing for this puppy.  Most testing is done between the ages of  6 to 12 months of age. All other veterinarian expenses incurred would be the responsibility of the guardian home.  If your dog does not pass its health testing within the standards required of LABRADOODLES of MONTANA breeding dogs, you will spay or neuter your dog and the dog will retire from our breeding program and remain with you for no additional fee.  If your dog passes the health testing, it will become a breeding dog for LABRADOODLES of MONTANA.


The puppies are whelped here at LABRADOODLES of MONTANA and the mama stays with us until pups are weaned. 

Most dogs retire by six years of age and will not have their first litter until their second heat cycle (approximately 1  1/2 years of age). Females dogs will remain with you throughout their pregnancy and stay with us while she is bred and again when she delivers and weans her puppies, which is approximately 8 weeks. Once she has delivered the agreed amount of litters (typically 3), we will have her spayed per the Guardian Home Contract and she will retire with you for no additional fee.

Female guardian dogs are placed with a $500 upfront fee, which is refunded with each litter produced. $250 is paid to the guardian home for every litter produced. Females are bred no more than 4 times and then will be retired and ownership will be transferred to the guardian home.


Male guardian dogs are placed with a $500 upfront fee, which is refunded with each successful breeding. $200 is paid to the guardian home for each successful breeding.  Male dogs are contracted for a period of time rather than a number of litters. Guardians of male dogs must have the boy available as needed for natural breedings, or for semen collection by a repro vet. Males can be active in LABRADOODLES of MONTANA breeding program for up to six years. You will not be allowed to breed any other dogs with him.


Your obligation is to care for the dog as your family member, in your home, and keep up with vaccinations, grooming, socialization, training and a healthy diet.

How to qualify as a Guardian Home:

In order to ensure the safety and health of the guardian home dog there are certain requirements to qualify for our Guardian Home Program. You must:

  • Own your home

  • Have a fully fenced yard

  • Ensure that your puppy is well socialized

  • Provide veterinary care when needed

  • Must not own any intact dogs for the entire duration of the guardian contract

  • Provide regular grooming

  • Provide high quality dog food

  • Live within an approximate 2 hour distance from LABRADOODLES of MONTANA (we are in Belgrade, MT)

  • Must not own any other intact dogs for the entire duration of the guardian contract, unless of the same sex

  • Provide a safe secure environment 


Occasionally LABRADOODLES of MONTANA will hold back a puppy that we feel is breeding quality, but not neccessarily needed in our program. In order to offer these pups for sale to approved breeders, we would like them to have their health screening started. These tests will begin around 16 weeks of age.  Temporary guardian homes are homes that care for these puppies while they are getting their testing underway, raising them indoors as family companions, usually until about 5-6 months old.  If health testing is not passed, puppies may be offered to these guardians as altered pets, for a discounted adoption fee.  If they pass, puppies will be sold to approved breeders that will raise them in a home environment.


Temporary guardian homes must understand and accept the fact that they are only a temporary home for the puppy, and be very willing to let him/her leave when the time comes.  This is not for everyone!  


After a puppy does leave, another temporary guardianship may be started, or a permanent one. Guardians are responsible for socializing, housebreaking, and puppy manners. This is a great way to earn a little extra money AND have the loving companionship of a sweet natured pick of the litter puppy for a couple of months! 

Temporary guardians are paid for their time. 

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