Here at LABRADOODLES OF MONTANA, all puppies are chosen according to order of deposit.  Selections will begin at 6 to 7 weeks of age.  Breeder reserves the right to retain any pup for our breeding program. Yes, they really are low to non-shedding. See our Price and Payments Page for more information regarding the cost of our puppies.  If you don't live in Montana, don't stress we can get a puppy to you!

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Tricolor Labradoole puppies for sale in Montana


Reese (Porscha) and Trigger - Reese blessed us with 6 puppies on November 14.

5 girls and 1 boy.

Estimated Adult Weight 20 to 24 lbs.

Ivy and Barney - Due 12/28/21 - Estimated Adult Weight 24 to 26 lbs.

Rose and Barney - Due 1/17/22 - Estimated Adult Weight 30 to 35 lbs.

Paris and Buddy - Due 2/8/22 - Estimated Adult Weight 18 to 26 lbs.


SIZE ESTIMATES are just that - estimates.  We can not guarantee the adult size/weight of your puppy.  We can only estimate based on the size of the parents.

Why don't you have a standard waiting list? 

​After years of managing a waiting list we have decided to venture out and do it differently. We feel it is better for the family adopting, and for us! With this process you are not putting several deposits in with numerous Breeders in hopes of getting a puppy of you dreams. And possibly waiting years for that opportunity. And we are able to spend all those hours with our puppies and dogs instead of managing the waiting list.

  • We do NOT take a deposit.

  • We do NOT have a waiting list. 

When you and your family are ready for your puppy you can start following our breeding plans and updates. Then follow the steps listed to the right.

NO one will get to adopt a puppy without an approved application!

Is this process stressful?

It can feel stressful on adoption morning. I would recommend having 2-3 puppies picked out for your family. If you are not very techy it would be nice to find someone to help you with the checkout part, it's not hard but if you are not used to checking out online it could be overwhelming. We have been doing a waiting list for a decade now and it to is stressful on selection day! The good news is that Bernedoodles in general have a very even temperament so much of the choosing is based off of your color and coat preference.


While all adoptions can feel a bit overwhelming or stressful it is also a very exciting time! And in all the years of doing this I have never had anyone say I wish I would have chosen a different puppy! It always seems to work out as it should! So have fun with it and don't stress!

Here's how the adoption process works!

  • Fill out an application

  • We will chat on the phone to be sure both parties feel it will be a good fit!

  • If it seems like a good fit then we will give you the password that will access the adoption page and the preparation page. 

  • From breeding to adoption there will be updates, pictures, & videos on the website and social media. The website is kept up to date.

  • 24-48hrs before adoption day we will post temperament, coat, and size breakdowns as well as what the price of each pup will be.

  • The day before adoption day we will have an open house for those with an approved application as well as FaceTime and phone calls to cover all questions about the puppies you are interested in.

  • Once the adoption page is live you simply "click and buy" the puppy of your choosing. 

  • I will be in touch after adoptions to sort out the go home details.

Visit  Our Dogs for more information about the parents.


LABRADOODLES of MONTANA is home to some of the most gorgeous Australian Labradoodles. 


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Heart Girl

Guardian homes needed

We are always looking for guardian homes. The Helena and surrounding area is our preferred location, however we do have a number of guardian homes in the Bozeman, Three Forks and Townsend area. Please give us a call and we can certainly talk.

You keep the dog at your home, she comes to LABRADOODLES of MONTANA for breeding and whelping of typically 3 litters, then she is spayed and yours forever. LABRADOODLES of MONTANA pays all medical costs related to breeding and to complete health testing, you pay for routine vet care.

LABRADOODLES of MONTANA is located near a number of National Parks.  When planning to pick up your puppy be sure to take a little extra time for vacation.

Yellowstone National Park              Glacier National Park              Theodore National Park              Medora, North Dakota


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