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Parvo is not something you ever want to experience! We highly recommend if you do not already  take your shoes off in your home at least until your puppy is 18 weeks of age. Take your shoes off and put your shoes UP so that the puppies cannot chew on them. Your shoes are covered with bacteria and infectious things that could kill your puppy.


The most dangerous time for your puppy is 8-16 weeks of age.

When you take your puppy to the vet for your new well baby check-up please do not let your puppy walk into the vet’s office. Your puppies feet should not be touching the ground anywhere except your home and your backyard until it is 16 weeks of age. The vet’s office is the worst place to put your puppy down. We recommend when you go into the vet’s office,  take a disposable pee pad with you and put the pee pad on the vet’s exam table and put your pup on that. Same thing with their puppy scales. Sick pups/dogs go to the vet. You don't need to take anything home with you that you didn’t take in there.

If your puppy gets Parvo, he/she has about a 50/50 chance of survival and you will be facing $4000-6000 in vet bills trying to fight it. If your puppy gets Distemper, he/she only has a 10% chance of survival. Parvo is VERY easily contracted. It only takes some fly landing on a pile of poo and flying over to your dogs water bowl and landing in it. Or you walking through Petco and step somewhere that hasn’t been cleaned properly and you can bring it home to your pup. If you have an older dog that is already vaccinated, please stop taking them in high traffic places until your puppy is fully vaccinated. Your older dog may have immunity, but they can carry the virus and bring it back to your home and share it with the puppy.

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