Transportation Options

If you would like us to prepare a TRAVEL CRATE for you we can certainly do that for the plane or vehicle.  We have puppy luggage carriers here.  We will prepare your crate, collapsable dish and have everything ready for your travels.  Just let us know ahead of time so we can have it all ready for you.  Additional cost of $100.

We will be happy to meet you at the Bozeman (BZN) airport at no additional fee.  All other airports are at a rate of $75/hour for our time and transportation.

What options do I have to get my new puppy home?

  • You can drive to Bozeman, MT to get your puppy directly from us and meet the parents, etc!

  • You can pay myself or one of our drivers to meet you part way to get your puppy. Cost is the government set rate per mile.

  • You can fly into BZN to get your puppy. Either by coming to our home or we can meet you at the airport with your puppy if you are flying right back out.

  • PetSafe is sometimes an option to fly your puppy with an airline in a pressure and temperature controlled area. Cost is generally $500-$650 with crate, health cert, taxes and flight. 

  • Flight nanny

If you are needing a flight nanny keep in mind they can be booked up quick when we have lots of puppy go homes!


We have a couple flight nannies that are located here in Montana that we have worked with in the past:

Paul Ruhl. His cell # is 406-920-1423

Heather Tupper. Her cell # 406-431-4467

We will be happy to take care of flight nanny arrangements for you. 

When can I get my puppy?

At 8 weeks old

Extended Stay

If a puppy needs to stay for an extended time after 8 weeks of age, it is $45.00 a day.  Please make arrangements if you need us to provide an extended stay for your new pup.