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People Behind Labradoodles of Montana:


Labradoodles of Montana’s human family consists of owner/breeder, Tori Anderson, her husband Josh, and their two children, Briley and Caleb. Their home is located about 7 miles from the Bozeman airport in Belgrade Montana. They live on a peaceful 100 acres involving rolling hills, trees, live water, and prairies. Along with the 406 pack, there are horses, cows, chickens, ducks, goats, and cats that reside on the property. Josh grew up on a ranch in northern Montana and Tori grew up as a dairy farmer in Wisconsin and is a third-generation dog breeder. They understand the value of their animals and that quality animals require quality care. Their children are learning those same values as they have been involved with 4H and do a lot of rodeoing.  Both kids are involved with the dogs and puppies on a daily basis.  In the winter, you will find the Anderson family skiing/sledding or cheering on Briley & Caleb during their basketball games. During the summer months, they like to spend their free time riding horses, competing at rodeo, fishing, and enjoying the creative tricks Briley teaches the dogs, like pulling a cart and agility!  The Anderson family takes great pride in their “funny farm” and all its inhabitants. They strongly honor a “Transparency Policy” and encourage anyone and everyone to contact them with any questions they may have about the functions of Labradoodles of Montana. 

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