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Price & Payment Information

Phantom Labradoodle Puppy

​How much are your puppies? 

​Prices will be set per puppy before adoption opens for that litter. Prices will be based on color, coat and temperament. 

Prices will range from $2850 to $3500. Our black ALDs start at $1800

Puppies will go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age.  

PET PUPPY PRICE:  Our pet puppy price DOES NOT include breeding rights.  Puppies are sold with a strict spay/neuter contract. If you are interested in a breeding dog, please feel free to call or email us to discuss purchasing your puppy with breeding rights, we always welcome new breeders.

PUPPY PRICE WITH BREEDING RIGHTS: Please call for details.  We would love to help you get started with a breeding program of your own. 

MEN AND WOMEN OF UNIFORM DISCOUNT - As a THANK YOU to all that have served and are currently serving  (military, firefighters, and law enforcement), we offer a $500 discount off the price of our pups.  Proof of service required.  If you are a spouse of someone serving or someone who has served, this discount goes for you, as well! If you know of a family in need of a service dog and they can not afford one, please tell me their story, I am always happy to help support our men and woman of uniform. Here at LABRADOODLES OF MONTANA we recognize "FREEDOM ISN'T FREE."

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